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Headphones are necessary for gaming. They are required to identify the positions of enemies, especially in Battle Royale Games. The sound must be very clear and microphone too. Buying a headphone can be very confusing. I myself get too confused while buying them. Here are three categories of Gaming Headphones you can buy according to your budget. 


1. Cosmic Byte G1500 
When gamers want to buy something, the most obvious thing they look for are Lights, sound quality and a good microphone. Cosmic Byte is a growing Industry in India. You can completely trust it.  You can hear sound in the noisiest environment. The microphone works well. RGB lights are provided. You can adjust it. Only for budget restricted buyers. 


2. Redgear Hell Scream Professional 
Redgear provides good gaming devices at a low price. The headphone has long and sturdy cable, is vibration enabled, the sound is very clear and look at the design, isn’t it cool? Cushioning is very soft. The only weak point is that noise cancellation is very poor of the microphone. You will face difficulties sending your message to your teammate. 


3. HyperX Cloud Stinger 
The plus point to buy this headphone is its cheap price. The sound, Microphone, and vibration work very well. It is very comfortable for the ears. The looks are stylish. You can give it a try. 


4. Razer Electra V2 
Razer is best known for its gaming accessories. You can buy its product with your eyes closed. The headphone is quite performing, sound and mic are very clear. It can be a bit uncomfortable for some people. We recommend this. This is best in its range. 


5. HyperX Cloud Revolver 
Probably the best headphone at this range. You will experience the best sound quality in any type of game. It comes with a detachable noise-canceling microphone. It also comes with a 2-meter audio control box extension with stereo and mic plugs for PC. 



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