Top 5 Water Parks Around The Globe

Water parks are the play areas that contain swimming pools, splash pads, water rides, water coasters, bathing areas, artificially prepared themes, restaurants, and many other amusing areas which give us feeling of enjoyment, relaxation, and satisfaction. We pay here the amount asked by the water park authority so as we can enter into the water parks. Different waterparks have different fixed prices which a person has to give to enter the campus of the waterpark and achieve all the enjoyment in it. We hope you will like this article on the top 5 best water parks around the globe

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Here you will get to know the top 5 best waterparks around the globe with the reason why they are mentioned in the top 5 and with some facts about them.

(1). Aquaventure Water Park, Dubai

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Jump and splash into the world of adventure, excitement, and enjoyment with your family or loved ones. Here comes the world best water park which is located in ATLANTIS THE PALM, Dubai, UAE. This park will give you thrills, spills and awesome relaxation with satisfaction. Aquaventure Water Park was opened on 24 September 2008. Manager of Aquaventure Water Park is Serge Zaalof.

  • The construction of this water park was started in 2006 and finally completed on 24 September 2008.
  • This park has tube rides which are a little bit scary but will give you a great adrenaline feeling.
  • Brilliant rides, solo rides, thrilling rides, fun rides, gentle rides, and even kids rides.
  • The view of this water park is just magnificent and it attracts kids a lot towards itself.
  • The cost of this water park to enter for one person is 70 Euros. Yes, it’s pretty expensive but it gives all the fun and accommodation which a person needs in a great water park.
  • There are lots of adventurous rides that will blow your mind with excitement. Some of the famous rides are Poseidon’s revenge and Aquacond.

This water park is a part of a great hotel called Atlantis The Palm.

(2). Siam Park, Spain     Image result for (2). Siam Park, Spain-

Siam park is a very large, adventurous and exciting water park in the world which is situated in Costa Adeje, Spain, Europe. The manager of this marvelous water park is Mr. Christoph Kiessling. Siam park was opened in May 2007.

  • The construction of Siam water park was started in 2004 and which costs around 52 million Euros.
  • Siam water park opened in May 2007 but came to action from 17 September 2018.
  • The best fact about this water park is that it is made up of the hill and permits the slides to follow the track of the slides through the hillsides and looks like as same as a roller coaster.
  • It contains 14 rides alone in it which can blow your mind with adventure and excitement. Some of the slides are as follows-
  1. Volcano
  2. The Dragon.
  3. Wave Place
  4. Naga Racer.
  5. Jungle Snakes.
  6. The Giant.
  7. Lost City.
  8. Mekong Rapids.

And many more…

When the water is used in Siam water park it recycles the water by using parks plants. Siam water park is the first water park in the Canary island which has natural gas plants.

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(3). Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

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Beach water park is one of the tallest rides containing water park. This water park is located on the beach of Port Das Dunas, Fortaleza, Brazil. BeachPark is 10 miles away from Brazil. This water park contains very fast and tall water slides and rides which can easily impress a person who loves speed and adventure.

  • Beach Park has got the title of the tallest water slides for more than 10 years.
  • The palm tree, coconut tree, and the cool breeze are constructed and produced naturally which gives a great theme.
  • The area covered by this water park is around 170,000m.sq because of which it is the largest water park in Latin America.
  • Around 843,000 visitors visit Beach Park by paying the price of this water park of $14,000 to 70 USD.
  • It is tallest with a height of 135 feet/ 41 meters and is containing the fastest ride at the speed of 65mph/ 104 kph.
  • It also contains lots of amenetis like fitness centre, Massage, Sauna, Spa, Internet Café, Surf lessons, etc.
  • The family attractions are Jets, Cannons, Fountains, Slides, Tunnels, Seesaws, Treasure Island, and Enchanted current.

(4). Tropical Island (Krausnick, Germany)

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Tropical island water park is situated 60 km from Central Berlin. It is a water park that contains the artificial environment of the tropical environment which contains artificial ocean, trees. Plants, and artificial temperature.

  • Tropical island water park is situated in Germany from 60km of Central Berlin. This water park is situated 70 meters above sea level.
  • Tropical Island water park was opened in 19 december, 2004.
  • The temperature here is about 26 degrees Celcius with a humidity of 64%.
  • Tropical island water park is one of the biggest indoor rainforests in the world with bars, restaurants, tropical plants, and many swimming pools with warm and cold water supply in it.
  • The best part of the tropical island water park is the theme, which is like a tropical village rainforest with containing about 50,000 plants and 600 varieties, tropical sea and the Amazonia with large pools, beach soccers field and beach volleyball.
  • The variety of foods served in the food court of the water park is awesome with magnificent taste.

(5). Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Orlando

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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park is a very cool and adventurous water park located in Walt Disney World Resort, in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, USA. Them manager of this water park is Mr. Mark Duker. It contains tall and speedy slides and gushy roller coasters.

  1. Around 2.2 million visitors come to visit and enjoy in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
  2. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park includes one of the world’s biggest wave pools in it.
  3. Humunga Kowabunga is the name of the speedy slides and sliding rides downwards with the speed of 39mph.
  4. Storm Riders are the name of rides which as high as of 3 story building down twisting, winding and then splash in the pool with an adventurous feeling.
  5. Forgotten Grotto is the rides in which the people’s are passed through the haunted and adventurous caves which are passed through Mt. Mayday.
  6. This water park is especially liked by children’s and it’s one of the best picnic spots in the area and liked by everyone.

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